Y’all say hi to the BONG Spotlight Member Of The Week, the amazing JoAnna Lynne Reynolds, known by all as Jo Jo!!!

Jo Jo is the owner of her own cleaning company, Looking for Help?, and is one of the kindest, most sincere people I’ve ever met! Whenever there is something needed in the community, Jo Jo is the FIRST to show up, donate, and support those in need.

Each month when we set up for the BONG event, Jo Jo is there leading the charge…when a family is in need, she is the first to step up and donate services to help out.

Wanna know why BONG is successful? Jo Jo is a huge part of this community and is a perfect example of putting others first.

Plus, she’s GREAT at making your house look amazing!!

Y’all give a shout-out and let’s celebrate our AMAZING friend!!!

Looking for a reliable cleaning company? Visit Jo Jo’s website for more information:



Originally Posted on Tulsa B.O.N.G. Facebook Group on December 22, 2023