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The Beginning

Intro podcast with Financial Professional, Cash Matthews.  Cash has been in the financial industry for 40 years and has authored 5 books on the topics of money and success.  

joshua sabharwall

113. Unlocking the American Dream with Joshua Sabharwall's 'F6' Philosophy

Joshua Sabharwall, our inspiring guest, empowers you to cast aside doubts and take action with the ‘fire, aim, ready’ philosophy.

andrea reed

112. Cultivating Holistic Health: The Community-Centered Approach

Embarking on a health journey can feel like an uphill battle, especially in a healthcare system that often leaves us fragmented and unsupported.

ryan jamison

111. Ryan Jamison on Embracing the "Fire, Aim, Ready" Philosophy and Success Beyond Profit in Entrepreneurship

Bringing Ryan Jamison, a titan of industry and serial entrepreneur, into the spotlight. 

bonnie lyn paige

110. Finding Family Harmony through Adoption Insights with Bonnie Lyn Paige

As the melodies of life play their complex harmonies, we sometimes find ourselves tracing the origins of our tune.

109. Michelle Hammons on Elevating Your Life and Business with High-Performance Coaching

Unlock the secrets to elevating your life and business with Michelle Hammons, a distinguished high-performance executive coach. 

108. Jeanna Crawford with Ponytail Grit

Jeanna’s formidable health journey and the inception of Ponytail Grit are at the forefront of our discussion.

107. Andrew McGowan with McGowan Insurance Solutions

Andrew McGowan is an up-and-coming star in the personal lines insurance industry.  

106. Jamie Garcia with Bright Impact Cleaning

Jamie Garcia changes lives.  As the founder of Bright Impact Cleaning, she has created a culture of giving, sharing, and excellence

105. Stacy Pearson with Veyron Estate Protection

Stacy Pearson is one of those rare people who make life better for her clients.  Working in the world of Estate Protection, Stacy fixes problems before they arise!

104. Sharyn Willard with Mature Transitions of Tulsa

Sharyn Willard founded Mature Transitions of Tulsa to provide services to the Baby Boomers who are maturing to age 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day! 

103. Shannon Girkin

Shannon Girken’s businesses, Girkin Creatives and Event Staffing Tulsa are dedicated to over-delivering for her precious clients who are celebrating a special event. 

102. Scottie Lawrence with Magnolia Soap

Scottie Lawrence is the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year! Always a visionary leader, Scottie makes sure to give back to her community via her charitable efforts. 

101. Kristi Bridges is 1Moment Wiser on Cashflows

Kristi Bridges has PROOF that God exists!  Just ask her!  Her work at 1Moment Wiser is dedicated to helping others get and stay on course in business, life, and relationships. 

100. Lucy Dawson with Dawson Designs

Lucy Dawson singlehandedly created one of the most successful printing and embroidery companies and has dialed in success on her terms. 

99. Stacey Ray with Farmers

You can occasionally find a better rate, but you can’t find a better agent like Stacey Ray who will stand with you during those moments where you need an advocate. 

98. Michael Scott with Oklahoma Pulmonary Care

Michael Scott’s new medical facility, Oklahoma Pulmonary Care, is changing how health care is viewed from a patient standpoint. 

97. Tyler Troxell with Aegis Security

The philosopher, Plato, says “Excellence is rare”.  Tyler Troxell is simply a rarity in business and in life. 

96. David Treadwell is the Scoop It Dude

David Treadwell created a magic story in his business.  After tiring from the corporate world, David took the leap and started Scoop It Dude Waste Removal. 

95. Bri Seeley is The Entrepreneur Coach

Bri Seeley is making a profound difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. 

94. Paula Dine with Legato School of Music

Paula Dine is more than a music teacher.  As a lifelong accomplished guitarist, her abilities have put her on stages around the country.

93. Shane Emerson brings Candy Food Truck

What else is there to say?  Shane Emerson is the Candy Man of Tulsa and is one of those enduring personalities that everyone admires!  

92. Sean English with All Performance Roofing

Sean English is one of the Tulsa Area “Young Guns” making waves in the statewide roofing industry.

91. Alondra Saucedo with Espinser

Alondra Saucedo Espino is building a significant brand in the local insurance and service community.

90. James Eldridge with Kingdom Chiropractic

James Eldridge is a true community builder and health advocate.  He is the founder of Kingdom Chiropractic along with his wife, Maria. 

89. Sarah Lorraine Interiors

Sarah Chapman, founder of Sarah Lorraine Interiors, is designed to help families and companies enjoy a living and working space that reflects the personality of the inhabitants. 

88. Kelly Kilmer with Tulsa Real Producers

Kelly Kilmer has an eye for talent and works with real estate professionals who are among the most successful in her area.

87. Michele Meza with Luksi Consulting

His continued drive to become better every day has propelled Tyler Davis to set himself apart from his competition.

86. Patterns of Endeavor with Marc Sollberger

Marc Sollberger is a multi-threat in the business world as he operates two companies dedicated to helping business owners.

85. Kyle Bonfiglio with 316 Health Insurance

Kyle Bonfiglio believes we can fix the American Health Care System and the insurance programs within.  

84. Jody Stewart is Your Hedge of Protection

Jody Stewart is a man of many talents in the professional world.

83. Tyler Davis with Davis Inspection Group

His continued drive to become better every day has propelled Tyler Davis to set himself apart from his competition.

82. Jerri Silman with Bee Organized Tulsa

Jerri Silman is a judgment-free home organization expert and a catalyst for healthy change inside the home and office. 

81. Jessica Davis on Cashflows

Jessica Davis is a former EMT professional who ventured into the real estate world to serve others in one of life’s most important decisions. 

80. Cody Alexander with Fixed Remodeling and Construction

Cody Alexander took the leap out of the comfort of traditional employment and went headfirst into entrepreneurship.

79. Steve Swinney with My Honey's Handmade

Steve Swinney is the founder of My Honey’s Handmade. From designing specialty tables to pieces of art, he creates amazing things from wood

78. Chase Chapman with Blue Dog Carpet Cleaning

Chase Chapman was voted as the Entrepreneur of The Year for 2023 out of a field of 6,200 business owners.

77. Arquicia Franklin on Cashflows

Arquicia Franklin is a leader in the FinTech industry and is leading the “customer first” as she helps develop this unique market segment.

76. Lynn Anderson on Cashflows

Lynn Anderson is a man of excellence and commitment.  As an successful attorney in his community, he built a fan following as a man totally committed to others. 

75. Dr. Steve Paxton with Hunt Spinal Care

Dr. Steve Paxton is on a mission to bring better health. “Good health is not just lack of disease, but possibly something beyond that.” 

74. Regina LeBlanc with OK Disaster Restoration

Regina LaBlanc is a founding member of the largest private networking group in the United States and has been recognized multiple times by the Bixby Chamber of Commerce. 

73. Jessica Blake with Blake Consulting Group

Jessica Bake is the founder of Blake Consulting Group and is redefining the movement for “continuous improvement” in business.  

72. Lisa Orr with Rorr Marketing

Lisa Orr is the founder of Rorr Marketing and Rorr Creative. Her award-winning content will surely be a value to those who meet her!

71. Jen Duncan is Marketing with Moxie

Jen Duncan founded Marketing With Moxie and has based her success on a simple idea:  “Don’t be afraid to be yourself!”. 

70. Holly Rehberg and Cal the Camel

Holly Rehberg is the author of “Cal the Camel and His Kayaking Adventure,” a story inspired by personal experiences that will warm your heart and inspire you and your children!

69. Danielle Pomerleau

Danielle Pomerleau with so many wonderful life experiences!  She has lived all over the world, and has had a vibrant, colorful life. 

68. Linda Tucker with T3 Coffee Caffeinates Cashflows

Linda Tucker has lived a blessed life.  Her motto of “Allow Room for Grace” is an essential piece of her success story with her “T3 Coffee Roasters”. 

67. Harley Liechty wants you to Get Better Bookkeeping

Harley Liechty brings a brand of wisdom, courage, and humor to his work as he works diligently to make others successful.

66. Chris Wilson with 1080 Titan

Chris Wilson served his country during a time of need. He founded 1080 Titan to battle the bad guys and to help his business community fight back as well. 

65. Clarence Shaw with CM Customs

Clarence Shaw has done so much to serve his community since forming his own business, CM Customs. 

64. Allison Mitchell with Caddy Corner Consignment and Boutique

Allison Mitchell has been entrepreneurial minded from an early age and is a believer in “Fire, Aim, Ready” as a business strategy.  

63. Kristine Robinson Photography

Kristine Robinson exudes excellence, confidence, and humanity.  Her work as a professional photographer is well known as she has a vast portfolio.

62. Marella Dias

Marella Dias is an advocate in the health and wellness industry.   Her passions include promoting the organic lifestyle and she also works with essential oils in her lifestyle wellness business. 

61. Amanda Grace brings Project Hope Worldwide to Cashflows

Amanda Grace is a life saver.  Her work in Project Hope Worldwide with children around the world is making a difference to a generation.

60. Summer Keylon with Kupcakz

You had me at Kupcakz, regardless of how you spell it!  Summer Keylon made cupcakes cool again by providing an entire range of gluten free and vegan dessert cupcakes as well as the traditional mind bending delicious mini buckets of happiness!

59. Ellen Dueck shares Lil Dude Learning

Ellen Dueck is the founder of Lil Dude Learning whose motto is “Play to Learn!  Learn to Play! Her work with children is having an impact on her local community. 

58. Josh Talbert brings Legacy Leadership Consulting

Josh Talbert is a renaissance man.  He founded Legacy Leadership Consulting on the business side to help those entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step towards success.  

57. Justin Dine with Gutters Clean

Justin Dine says you should take your mind out of the gutters and let his company focus on that for you!  Gutters-Clean is a rising company based on high end customer service and follow up. 

56. Charlotte Harper brings HER Appliance Repair

Charlotte Harper is a game changer.   When faced with adversity, she kicked adversity in the teeth and moved on.  Find out more about this award-winning entrepreneur and how she chose to rise up!

55. Belal Kabani with Kabani's Auto Repair

Don’t let his sense of humor fool you, Belal Kabani is a serious car guy and was voted by his peers the MVP of 2023! 

54. Alicia Urban with Chefs for Seniors

There is a reason why her peers voted unanimously for Alicia Urban to be recognized as the “Community Leader” award for 2023.

53. Alondra Morales with Oklahoma Insurance Connection

Kindness goes a long way.  With chaos in the insurance world, Alondra Morales is a rare and unique leader as she has dedicated herself to serving her clients and her community in wonderful ways. 

52. Chris Dodson brings the Southern Sports Network

As the creator and Executive Director of The Southern Sports Network, Chris Dodson is blazing a trail where there was no trail before. 

51. Mark Delaney

Do you have a purpose beyond just surviving?  How do you feed those dreams and aspirations in a world conflicted by chaos and noise? Mark Delaney has the script for the next version of your roadmap.

50. Brenda Hughes with Bridal Rentals and More

Brenda Hughes is an icon in the Pageant World and is a Community Diamond with her work in the bridal and prom world.  

49. Jeremy Cornelius with Comedia Brand

Jeremy Cornelius has cornered the market on grit, personality, and style!  His company, Comedia Brand excels in telling your story in a unique and engaging way. 

48. Anne Gardner is a Lady of Justice

Anne Gardner is a champion of legal rights and is helping bring equal access to the law for all people. 

47. William Thompson with Nova Water

Water is essential to life.  Clean water then, is equally essential.  William Thompson is a man on a mission that everyone would become educated on water. 

46. Allie Lile with Enlighten Benefits

Allie Lile works in the ever-changing world of health insurance and benefit planning. 

45. 9 Reasons Why It's Worth It with Cash Matthews

One simple question changed the game.  “Is It Worth It?”  The toil, the struggle, the worry and the effort…why does one carry on through the obstacles?  

44. Mary Smith is your CP Vacation Lady

Mary Smith is a person who makes dreams come true! As a travel specialist with CRUISE PLANNERS, Mary was recently awarded the “Dream Maker” award for her efforts in supporting her community and increasing smiles world  wide!

43. Lilianna Gullo with Lily Chris Photography

Lilianna Gullo sees the world in a different light.  Her depth of understanding and compassion for people is evident in her work at Lily Chris Photography.

42. Bud Craft with Rustic Grain Woodwork

Bud Craft has the right name for his profession…craftsman!  Bud develops interesting and creative gifts made from high-quality wood and has developed a fan following with his creative ideas.

41. Daniel Eldridge with Genesis Family Chiropractic

Daniel Eldridge is a man who is committed to serving his community in their journey towards optimal health and wellness.

40. Teresa McConnell with Level Up Cleaning

Teresa McConnell is the founder of Level Up Cleaning and is one of those people who never give up. 

39. Kenneth Baucum produces Cashflows with Cash Matthews

Kenneth Baucum is a man of multiple talents. As the founder and President of Kenneth Baucum Photography (and video), Kenneth has become one of those guys that everyone can depend on.

38. Pamela Jean - A New Life

Pamela Jean created to coach and guide entrepreneurs as they climb the ladder of success. 

37. Rob Boyd with Classic Cleaning

His commitment to clean and his tireless efforts to help others  landed him the 2021 Entrepreneur Of The Year award as well as induction into The Tulsa Networking Hall of Fame! 

36. Michael and Sacheen Platten with Spotlight Magic and Costumes

Michael and Sacheen Platten are simply MAGIC!  As the founders of Spot Lite Magic and Costumes, these two amazing entrepreneurs have learned to balance hard work, family life, and FUN.

35. Autumn Fowlkes is a Fashion Rebel

Autumn Fowlkes has taken the high road to preventing nakedness in America.  Her boutique clothing store, Fashion Rebels,  is helping women of all shapes and sizes feel good about they way they look by celebrating people just as they are!

34. Gina Maxwell brings WebGem Marketing to Cashflows

Her friends call her GMAX!  Gina Maxwell is the perfect example of what it is like to be a servant leader in her community. 

33. Jeremy Newkirk with Roof Leaks and Moore

Jeremy Newkirk is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and has been awarded “Entrepreneur Of The Year” as well as an induction into The Tulsa Networking Hall of Fame.

32. Michelle Monholland with Be Inspired Fitness

Michelle Monholland is the multi award winning entrepreneur who coaches women to a better life through personal training and coaching.

31. Bonnie Lyn Paige and Marvelous Massage Therapy

Bonnie Lyn Paige has created an oasis of healing and contemplation at Marvelous Massage.

30. Arisha Smith and Cake Palate Designs

Arisha Smith began with a thought “planting a seed of greatness” as she began her business, Cake Palate Designs. 

29. Andrea Timmons with Archwell Health

Andrea Timmons is an advocate for people over 60 years old by providing access to a specialized group of care facilities uniquely created for this specific age range.

28. Tiffany Mullins is The Detail Queen

Tiffany Mullins is a passionate person who loves cool cars, fuzzy dogs, and her Automobile Detail business called “The Detail Queen.” 

27. Andrea Reed Wellness

Andrea Reed is a champion for American health and wellness causes.  Not only is she an advocate for optimal health, but she is also a home school mom who found balance among the chaos of life.

26. John Killingsworth

John Killingsworth has climbed many mountains.  As a business coach and a business builder, John inspires others with his integrity and follow through.

25. Joanna "Jojo" Reynolds with Looking for Help

Grit.  Hero. Game Changer.  Joanna Reynolds, an award-winning house cleaner, believes you only live once and you better make it worth it!  

24. Courtney Stewart Makes Well Choices

Courtney Stewart is a committed mother, wife, and friend.  Her passion is helping others live a toxin free life and improving health and wellness. Her philosophy of “Consistency Beats Intensity” is why her business is winning. 

23. Kyle "Miller by the Driller"

Kyle Miller is known around town as “Miller By The Driller”.  His real estate empire began in one specific area near the “Tulsa Driller”, an iconic statue in the heart of Tulsa.

22. Robert Malone on understanding and self-worth

Robert Malone is a unique individual who has lived life according to his terms.  Self-described as both analytical and open-minded, Robert has mastered the art of understanding and self worth.

21. Nikki Malone shares The Inner Revival

Nikki Malone is the founder of “The Inner Revival” which helps others understand and eliminate old beliefs and behaviors and live a life unbound by previous trauma. 

20. Nathan Downs is Protecting Your Radius

Nathan Downs is the founder and president of Radius Gate and Fence Company.  Radius is a high-level service company that takes the concierge approach to your fencing goals. 

19. Stephanie Hall Art

Stephanie Hall is an inspirational artist whose work has won her many awards and competitions.  Her love of pets is reflected in her favorite work which is painting pets on ornaments and another media. 

18. Jaimee Anderson with True To You Relationship

“DATING IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP!”  These wise words created by Jaime Anderson might help those who suffer through the chaos and maze of dating. 

17. Whitney DeNeen with Essential Medical Research

Whitney DeNeen is one of those rare individuals whose education and intellect merged perfectly with entrepreneurial world.  Her company, Essential Medical Research, is raising the bar on proper medical testing. 

16. Jillian Marina is Keeping Tulsa Local

Marketing is perhaps the most misunderstood word in the online world.  Jillian Marina is one of those rare individuals whose understanding and grasp have propelled her into a top spot in the online marketing world.

15. Lori Zeller with Elevate Coworking

Lori Zeller is a game changer in her community.  She is a well-known professional photographer, but her recent work as a Coworking Professional is leaving an indelible mark on her community. 

14. Desi Alejandre with Desi Tax Service

Desi Alejandre founded Desi Tax Service with one thing in mind: To take care of entrepreneurs so they could focus on creating new business.   Her firm, Desi Tax Service is one of the fastest growing firms in her area. 

13. Chinh Doan

Chinh Doan is a game changer.  Her story from a childhood in Viet Nam to a high visibility career in Broadcast News, is simply inspiring.  Her entrepreneurial endeavors inspire those who know her.

12. Terri Reagin with Ask the Agent

Terri Reagin is a valuable resource in the health and Medicare insurance markets.  With the rules changing frequently, Terri built an amazing business based on customer service and high level follow up.

11. Samantha Moneypenny of Rhea Lana's of Midtown

Who knew that the precocious child from Smackover, Arkansas would climb such heights!  Samantha Moneypenny stepped right up when the right opportunity appeared and it’s been full steam ahead!

10. Micah Pope with Miss Micah's Kitchen

Micah Pope has been awarded the MVP Annual award for the largest networking group in the United States.  In fact, she has won that award two years running and was chosen first out of 6,200 members!

9. Coltin Ratcliff with Premium Lawns

Coltin Ratcliff founded Premium Lawns LLC with the idea that great customer service was still valuable and that customers deserve to be treated well.

8. Michelle Hammons with Creativity Playbook

Michelle Hammons created the Creativity Playbook to assist others.  As a High Performance and Executive Coach, Michelle created a pathway to the next level for anyone seeking improvements in life, business, and profits. 

7. Dominic Schultz with Digon Design

Dominic Schultz is a young man making big waves in the tech industry.  As the founder of Digon Design, he works with individuals and companies as they plan and implement their tech programs under his watchful eye. 

6. Paul Seikel with All Dry

Paul Seikel is the owner of All Dry in the Tulsa area.   Paul is a family first entrepreneur who has passion for taking care of customers in a professional way not often seen.

5. Camri Landkamer Art

Camri Landkamer is simply a bright light wherever she goes.  As a professional artist, her smile and attitude set her apart.  As a human, she is all in with her friends, family, and her work.

4. Hannah Oswalt with Tulsa Stucco Pros

Hannah Oswalt is a devoted mother, and wife, and is truly a lover of people.  As a mother of 6, her devotion to her family tells a beautiful story of balance and purpose.

3. Hi Focus Life with Cameron Shaw

Cameron Shaw is the multi-talented young man who created his own financial coaching company designed to help EVERYONE take the next right step with their finances. 

2. Personal Training with Gyllian Olivia

Gyllian Olivia began at a young age making a wave in the health and nutrition world.  As a certified trainer, she also excelled at creating delicious gluten-free and healthy cupcakes.

1. Unleash the Champ with Kyle Sullivan

The philosopher Plato said, “Excellence is Rare”.  Kyle Sullivan is excellent, his style is rare, and his ability to reach people through his “Unleash the Champ” program is changing lives.